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Are you culturally agile?

Those of us who work internationally have experienced the need to be culturally agile. Management and leadership play out differently in different contexts; and trying to apply the same management approach or style uniformly and across geographies is a fool’s errand.

Intuitively we know that we have to adjust our behavior and practices to match different contexts, but doing so is not nearly as simple; because our own preferences can get in the way.

In this issue of Global Leadership INSIGHTS you will get a preview into research on cultural agility by internationally acknowledged expert Paula Caligiuri, Distinguished Professor of International Business and Strategy at Northeastern University, USA. Additionally, we unfold this research with a personal account of Jacob Gosvig Futtrup, a Business Executive with extensive experience from both the US and Southeast Asia.

Cultural Agility – the skills needed to navigate successfully in multi-cultural contexts

Newer research has identified the critical competencies that enable technically competent professionals to be successful irrespective of the multicultural or cross-cultural context.

Professionals who are successful are those who
(1) manage themselves in international or multicultural situations;
(2) interact effectively with people from different cultures; and
(3) make effective business decisions.

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Leadership in a global context is first and foremost hard work

… says Jacob Gosvig Futtrup, a Business Executive with extensive international work experience from the US and Southeast Asia.

“Every time you come to a new country you start from scratch, you don’t know anybody, you don’t know the system and you don’t know how things work”. This is exciting and frustrating at the same time and requires a great deal of self-reliance, drive, but above all hard work.

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Master Class: Cultural Agility in a Global Context on 9 October 2014

Learn how to spot, assess, and develop culturally agile professionals in this Master Class with Cultural Agility Expert Paula Caligiuri, Distinguished Professor of International Business and Strategy, Northeastern University Boston, USA.

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